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Here are some things about me and how I think.

I was born 1963 in Chicago IL,  I really don't remember Chicago very much because I only lived there a few years before we moved to St Louis MO.  One thing I do remember is during a storm looking out the bed room, which I shared with my two sisters, window I saw a face looking in.  Since the room was on the second floor of the house I knew it wasn't a person.  I remember running down stairs with my sisters.  Only one sister has ever said she remembered seeing it also and she passed away in 1981 so there is no one to back up my claim on seeing this very strange and scary face.

I joined the Navy in 1985 and served 20 years.  Some of the places I was stationed were Holy Loch Scotland, then a year forward deployed in the Med, After which I spent time in Norfolk VA and Ingleside TX before going to Cuba for a year.  After Cuba I went to Florida and then back to Virginia before finally being sent to Omaha NE and then spending my last two years in the Arabian Gulf.  

Currently I work as an Electronics Technician for The Satellite Communications Site on Offutt AFB.  It's a job, it pays the bills and puts food on the table.

I met the love of my life in Nebraska and we were married in September 2002 about 4 months before I had to leave for the Gulf .  So our first two years married were spent seperated.  I think this made our relationship stronger.

Anyone who knows me might think I am a Liberal but that really isn't true. I am more a Realist than anything. I don't believe in the two party only system or how the two current political parties control who can run for office. I also don't like the idea that they control who can participate in the Presidential Debates. If the ideas of the two major parties are so great why are they so afraid to let the other party and no party candidates debate with them or make it so hard for them to get on a ballot in all 50 states?   I voted for the Green Party in the 2000 election, no, I didn't cause Gore to lose the election out of date election laws caused that.  In 2004 I voted for Nader. 

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