I served my country in the Navy for a little over 20 years, I joined with the knowledge that while I was in the service some action I took or the job I did could cost some innocent person their life, cause a family member to lose a loved one or possibly die myself. I understood this and accepted it.

Some of the reasons I am against the war in Iraq is that MR. Bush never served in an actual active military unit and when it became time for his reserve unit to be activated he decided he didn’t want to play anymore. But as Commander in Chief he is willing to send tens of thousands of young men and women off to possibly die in battle. He sent us off without truthful information, proper equipment or competent leadership.

He talked of regime change in Iraq well before he was appointed President, fed Congress and the American people lies. He even lied to the world through the United Nations. He continued to lie even after the truth was revealed. He refused to accept responsibility for anything bad or negative that happened even though he was the person in charge.

In Iraq we found no WMD’s, Al Qaeda links, mobile chemical labs, or anything else that could destroy or damage this country. We found people, although some elements were oppressed they lived is a fairly secure country and had a fairly safe and stable life. Now there are still the oppressed, without the stability and security they once had. The United States, once the greatest nation in the world, took a stable, independent nation and turned it into a killing zone in a matter of weeks.

The American people and people from the entire world said not to go to war but our leaders, our elected leaders and elected representatives refused to listen.

Mission accomplished my ass!